Community Days | FAQs

Anyone can organize a Community Days event. Register a date and then sign up for our Community Council. We will get you connected to the organizer's group where you can get tools, guidance and more to make your event a success. Not ready to take it all on by yourself? Sign up for the Community Council and we'll connect you with people in your community so you can work together
When you are generating your Sessionize API key, in the Format section, you must selected 'JSON (coding required)' and NOT any of the other formats.
The Community Days site will pickup the raw json data and use it in our app to provide an integrated experience using our custom display and calendaring solution.
Yes, we've recently opened up events to allow paid events to be included in our listing. Community Days Events will be free or a minimal fee of less than $20. Community Produced events are events that have a ticket price greater than $20.
All events that are part of the Community Days program will be posted on this site for visibility.
Yes, we have vector graphics available for download on our Media page.