next GenAI Conference
September 10 - 12, 2024
MGM GRAND, Las Vegas, Nevada

Community Days | next GenAI Conference

Featured Speaker: Eric Boyd - Coporate Vice President Microsoft 

We warmly invite you to join us in Las Vegas for the next GenAI Conference. Generative AI is about unlocking the power of the latest AI models by developing solutions that assist human users with tasks improving productivity, enhancing creativity, and extending capability. This Azure-centric, developer-centric conference addresses these core themes:

  • Orienting to the AI Landscape: The landscape of AI models and components has exploded, from tools that help deploy models as API's, to solutions that help build end-to-end AI powered chat experiences, agentic solutions that form the new middle tier of the application and copilots that integrate into the applications used every day. We will provide the map to make sense of this landscape.
  • Harnessing AI Innovation: We will cover how you can benefit from the latest generation of language models available in Azure AI Studio: from "Small Language Models" like Microsoft Phi-3, to Meta Llama 3 and the industry stalwart OpenAI GPT 4 how their capabilities in language, reasoning, coding and math can be applied to your scenarios.
  • Going beyond a single model: AI solutions are becoming more powerful as they include more than a single model, whether they are multi-modal and capable of processing and generating content beyond text like images and video, or they are multi-model utilizing a set of individual expert models together to complete a task.
  • Responsible AI: AI powered solutions are made more useful and trustworthy when they are properly grounded in the enterprise data of the scenario they are supporting. This requires indexing and retrieval infrastructure to connect your model with the data it needs. It also requires performance evaluation to make sure the model answers are not just correct but accurate according to the enterprise data.
  • Security Upfront: Security is a top concern. There is already a Top 10 of LLM attacks that solutions need to consider and guard against, but there are already services and frameworks that can help in the mitigation.
  • Real World Learnings: A broad range of experts will be sharing their experience, from AI engineers building the solutions to enterprise executives and leaders sharing their journey.
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