MCUG London Teams Changes and Viva Security Compliance
November 15, 2022
Microsoft Reactor, London, London

Community Days | MCUG London Teams Changes and Viva Security Compliance

Welcome to the Microsoft Cloud User Group London meetup !

Join us on the 15th of November from 6PM to 9PM! in Central London at the Microsoft Reactor!

6:00pm – Networking
We will begin promptly at 6:30! Many of our members enjoy coming at 6 to chat with the speakers and pre-ask their burning questions or start up some debate.

6:30pm – Session 1 - Microsoft Teams: Changes From MSIgnite2022 + Licensing – Ben Lee
There was a huge amount of Microsoft Teams news at Microsoft Ignite! This is on top of some already new licensing changes that recently came in. Ben is going to guide us through the changes and tell us when we can expect to see them! At the end of the session Ben will host an engaging Q&A to help you get ready!

7:15pm – Break, Networking and Pizza :)

8:00pm – Session 2 - Demystifying security & compliance in Microsoft Viva – Nikki Chapple
Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that combines tools to support employee engagement and well-being, learning and knowledge management, and experience analytics, all delivered through Microsoft Teams.
Some organisations are reluctant to deploy Microsoft Viva as they are concerned about data privacy, compliance, and security.
This session demystifies security & compliance in Microsoft Viva to help you understand the following:

  • What are the Viva modules
  • How Microsoft ensures security and compliance in Microsoft Viva,
  • Why governance and compliance are essential,
  • Why employee adoption and sponsor communications are critical in ensuring employees understand how the organisation will use Viva, the key benefits (WIIFM) and, importantly, that their personal insights are private.

Open Floor - 8:40-8:50

We often find at the end of the user group there isn’t time to cover “what is on your mind.” This time around we wanted to leave 20 minutes to go into open floor. Bring your questions, open a conversation from dinner up to the group, or bring back that question you didn’t get a chance to ask.

8.50pm - 9.00pm – Wrap up and Finish

We will close the session seeking feedback, topics, and speakers for our next user group!




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